Who We Are

Based out of Southern California and founded by Sam & Amanda Ciurdar, we here at Adventure That is Life are fiercely passionate about stoking the fires of adventure in every spirit. We believe adventure isn’t just something hidden deep in the Alaskan wilderness, or even something you stumble across by summiting Mt. Everest. Instead, adventure can be discovered in something as simple as going outside and exploring your own backyard. Notice the fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet, the way raindrops capture light on a window, the feel of a gentle breeze sweeping across your skin. Tune in to all the miracles around you, and you will feel gratitude for the beauty that is life. 

We at ATIL also believe it is our responsibility to not only model, but inspire world change. Most importantly, we believe freedom is a human right. For this reason, 10% of every dollar earned through ATIL is donated exclusively to Thrive Rescue, a charity in Thailand that helps rescue and rehabilitate children from sex trafficking.

So, here’s to living a full life of constant discovery, never-ending generosity, and here’s to you, the Adventure-Hearted.